Phone Screen
No need to fear
that your story will end!

Make your every single day happy with brand new stories!

Our security audit results have shown that
(as of fall 2019) this application will allow you to safely enjoy
chats and calls worth 200 days!

And if you find love and happiness through your special someone,
your story will continue forever and on...!

*We are currently conducting studies
that will guarantee secure chats and calls
even beyond the 200th day.

Phone Screen
Talk to him according
your schedule!
When you start the application,
you will meet
the one

who has a schedule perfectly identical to yours,
from sunrise to bedtime.

Yes, this guy must be your destiny!
Phone Screen
He might call you unexpectedly.
Or you can call him in person!
He might have wanted to talk to you
about what you two have shared in the chat room.
Or he might have wanted to whisper you
a good night.

If you hear his voice every day,
your daily fatigue will melt away.

Microphone Microphone Microphone Microphone

Press the button and
listen to his voice!

Phone Screen
What is on his mind?

Sometimes he would freely jot down
his feelings towards you on his
'private account.'

(It is nothing strange... Is it?)

On his private account,
there might be interesting subjects

updated in real time...
Phone Screen
Do you understand your own feelings...?

At the Forbidden Lab
elusively located in this application,
you can write reports about your feelings.

As your feelings within are set free one by one,
the capacity of courage and love will grow,
and your forbidden potentials will be freed.

...At least that is our hypothesis, still in the studies stage.